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Issuing time:2020-09-18 15:14

The innovation service complex of intelligent toilet industry in Zhejiang Province, which was launched in December 2018, focuses on the development of intelligent toilet industry, adheres to the urban two-level linkage, highlights "two directions and four key points", that is, opening up inside and outside the city, online and offline integration, and focuses on the construction of technology R & D base, comprehensive service base, industrial incubation base and inspection and testing center. Under the guidance of the ten linkage of "industry university research fund, talent and government introducing the US cloud", around the industrial chain, the innovation chain is deployed, the capital chain is improved, and the industrial design, science and technology finance, achievement transformation and other innovation elements are fully integrated to build the industrial innovation service ecological chain.

Chen Yijun, Secretary of Taizhou Municipal Party committee, said that relying on the construction of the complex, in 2018, there were 163 new national high-tech enterprises in Taizhou, and the added value of Taizhou's high-tech industry increased by 15.1%, ranking first in the province; The proportion of added value of high-tech industry and the growth rate of output value of new products rank the second in the province. There are 163 new national high-tech enterprises in the city, with the largest number in the past years.

Taizhou's main approach is to focus on the industrial chain, innovation chain, service chain, financial chain, management chain, and "industry university research fund, talent and government in the United States cloud", so as to achieve "five chains and ten linkages":

First, strengthen the industrial chain

——Take the complex construction as the "reactor" for the fission development of seven hundred billion industries.

Second, expand the innovation chain

——Take the complex construction as the "starting point" of Taizhou's new long march of science and technology.

The third is to optimize the service chain

——Take the complex construction as the "big carrier" to practice the "five heart" and "mother style" service.

Fourth, make the financial chain accurate

——The construction of complex will be regarded as the "breakthrough" for the integrated development of "golden science, technology and industry".

The fifth is to build a new management chain

——Take the complex construction as the "multiplier" to drive the high-quality development of the industry.

Chen Yijun said that in the next stage, we will conscientiously implement the spirit of this meeting, especially the spirit of secretary Che's important speech, focus on the strategic deployment of the provincial Party committee and provincial government to build an industrial innovation service complex, create new brilliance of private economy and comprehensive high-quality development of manufacturing industry in Taizhou, and strive to create a better sample of Taizhou, Provide better Taizhou plan( Article reprinted from Zhejiang News)

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